COPEN LIFE SERIES BOOKS by Beverly Kievman Copen

Beverly Copen is the author of 5 published books – on sales, business development, and other non-fiction topics. They are:

  • It’s Your Life, Isn’t It? 2021 © PRINT edition in English now available at or on Kindle
  • The Complete Success Workbook for TODAY’S SALES WOMAN available on Amazon ©Prentice-Hall. 1982
  • For Better or For Worse — A Couples Guide to Dealing with Chronic Illness. 1989 © While published in 1989, For Better or For Worse is still available for sale, either online, or an autographed hard cover book from the author. On Amazon.
  • Your Eyes are your Windows to the World. eBook © created for young people. Available on
  • Beverly has also had short stories published for TWO of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series books!


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