“Beverly Copen is a true visionary. Whatever she touches becomes professional, important and deserving to be highly recognized. This book is yet another example. I have watched Beverly create a model and talent agency; create a plan for building the film business in Georgia, and a book for caregivers to help people through difficult times. And now, with camera in hand, has created an educational photography book to help young people become more aware of cultures and places around the world. We are so lucky she keeps bringing us the experience of such wondrous foresight.” — Carole Hyatt, founder and CEO, The Leadership Forum, best-selling author

Your Eyes are Your windows to the World - Beverly-Kievman-Copen

Your Eyes Are Your Windows To the World by Beverly Kievman Copen

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“This remarkable little book is a visually stunning, thought-provoking educational tool for preteens and teens who are living in a world of intersecting cultures, global markets, social media and worldwide communications that open the places and people of the world to unprecedented connections. The book’s photographs and text reveal not only the beauty and diversity of our planet and its people, but also the common threads of humanity and aspiration that bind us all together. If I were a middle-school teacher of social studies or geography or world affairs, I’d want to share the lessons of this gently-inspiring book with my students.”
— Jack Watson, former White House chief of staff under President Jimmy Carter; chair of the National Portrait Gallery Commission

Unique Photography and Proven Techniques

A unique photography and educational book, created for young people anywhere in the world, who want to improve their own lives. Complete with “how to” proven techniques. The four themes of the book encourage interaction with others.

  • Shows readers how to learn and care more about today’s global world, and how they fit in
  • Stimulates the imagination and intellectual curiosity of young people from middle school through late teens
  • Provides cross-cultural views of work, play and lifestyle of people and countries around the globe
  • Compares and contrasts the diversity of people and cultures, enabling students to reflect upon their own lives and surroundings in a global contest
  • Enriches school curricula, after school activities and home study
  • Provides lessons in social studies, geography, cultural diversity, globalism, life skills and goal setting

“Your Eyes Are Your Windows to the World is a rich tapestry of cultural understanding through photography, a global portrait aimed at the world’s youth. The better we understand one another, the smaller the distance between our cultures, the more peaceful the planet is. Beverly Copen’s warm, inviting book serves as a vehicle for greater understanding, and as such should be a staple in classrooms everywhere.” — Charles N. Davis, dean, Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

“Your Eyes are Your windows to the World is an innovative and creative book that provides a rich medium for students of all ages to explore themselves in relation to others in the world. Through beautiful photographs from around the globe and with thought-provoking questions, Ms. Copen asks all of us to open our eyes and mind to explore other cultures, uncover our dreams and believe in ourselves by understanding our choices. As an educational leader in this era of internationalization, I endorse this book heartily for all educators seeking to globalize their curriculum and help their students become global citizens.” — Dr. Rosemary Papa, Del and Jewell Lewis Endowed Chair and professor, Educational Leadership, Northern Arizona University

Beverly Kievman Copen is an entrepreneur, published author and award-winning professional photographer. She has a lifetime of experience in sales, marketing and communications; and a passion for creating innovative educational products.

There is now an 11 minute video called “Expanding Your Horizons”, based on her solo exhibit in September, and her new e-book, YOUR EYES ARE YOUR WINDOWS TO THE WORLD.  It will soon be available with the download when ordering the e-book from either www.rowman.com or www.amazon.com .  If you are interested in ordering the video separately, send an email to info@beverlycopen.com for status update and price.

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