My new book, It’s Your Life, Isn’t It? paints a picture of how to look back at your past, analyze your present, and reimagine your future. It provides a way to assess your desires, your strengths, and weaknesses and to put these into a framework that will help you construct a more fulfilling lifestyle.

The theme of the book is based on how to manage change. Throughout my lifelong career as an entrepreneur, as well as seminars I have attended, and countless ones I have conducted, in many parts of the world, I believe that I have a broad perspective. It openly discusses the successes as well as the failures, and the lessons learned from the achievements and the errors. Many of the life stories came from those programs, as well as the friendships I have been blessed with over the decades. – Beverly Kievman Copen

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I have written a number of books. Each one has resulted in a phase of life that I was living through – the good and the very, very challenging.  As a lifetime entrepreneur, perhaps I have been more attuned to the demographics, the changes around my world, and the ability to tell stories in almost everything. IT’S YOUR LIFE, ISN’T IT? was originally written in Japanese but always wanted to have it published in English for a global audience. In early 2020 I “found” the English manuscript on my computer and re-read it and realized, this was my chance.  Time to get busy and re-do the book for a wider audience, not just Japanese.  With the extra time we all “found” with the Pandemic, I designed a plan to take a chapter per week to re-edit.  When almost through, I once again got stuck.  I asked my partner and sweetheart, Ken Rouse, to read the whole book and help me re-organize it.   He did.  Whew.  And then, I started sending out the synopsis and the book itself in PDF form to a few people I knew for some feedback.  Sonia Roca, in Ecuador, was one of those people.  Within a few days I received a reply saying they would like to have the book translated into Spanish, and the University will publish it in Ecuador as an eBook.  OMG!!! It is happening.  One of Ken’s sons is a fabulous artist, so I sent it to him and asked if he would have time to create a sizzling cover for the book.  Much to my amazement, everything has fallen into place for publication.  I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I did writing the book. Thank you.


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