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My photographs reflect the amazing journeys that I have been fortunate to experience, over many years, and in many parts of the globe. I deeply hope that my images reflect not only beauty, but tell stories… of culture, of how people live, work and play. They have been showcased in galleries, in performing arts theaters, schools, restaurants, books, print and web based media, and of great importance, in homes.

Change – a pandemic global dead end or new opportunities yet to be revealed?

Regardless of the challenges that are right now staring you in the face, whether they are in your control to impact or not, the answer to making sustainable personal progress and eventually being set free of whatever is binding you, is to learn how to effectively manage change. I can think of no better way to get started than investing your self in Beverly Copen. With the current coronavirus pandemic impacting our lives on so many levels, never before has there been a moment in time when the wisdom of a gifted, compassionate agent of change like Bev, so desperately needed! Living the Best Version of yourself, is just a click away! Here's the link:


COPEN LIFE SERIES BOOKS by Beverly Kievman Copen

Photography provides a way to capture precious moments in everyday life, as well as views of different cultures around the world. Through my viewfinder I see the spirit of how people live, work and play. It provides a visual means to tell stories, and hopefully, to make a difference along the way, allowing for exhibits, photo books and educational materials.

Exposing young people to cross cultural diversity broadens their views of the world and makes my life more meaningful. I love using my photography to illustrate educational themes.

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